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Return Air Grille

return supply grille


Single deflection grille with blades placed at either 0° or 38° in a frame which swing opens to access the filter placed into single common outer frame. Suitable for both ceiling & sidewall applications.


⇒ Single deflection grilles are designed to handle large volumes of air quietly and with good throw patterns.
⇒ Each blade is individually adjustable from the face of the grilles to provide a wide range of air pattern.
⇒ Light in weight, yet strong and durable.
⇒ It has a broad range of application and easy to install.
⇒ Design with aerofoil blades to achieve optimum air diffusion.
⇒ Blades are constructed of extruded aluminum.


Air return in air-conditioning, ventilating and heating systems.


The grille is used to intake the air from internal premises. Because of the inclined deflectors its not possible to see through the grille.
The damper or plenum box balances the air.


Frames are constructed of extruded aluminum of 1.45mm thickness and 30mm in width.
All grilles are manufactured from highly corrosion resistant and heavy gauge aluminum.


All grilles are available in natural anodize finish as a standard finish. For painted finishes, the grilles will be enamel coated and oven-baked for scratch resistant.
If anodizing is required, the grille can be anodized to suit the required colour.

Optional Accessories

Opposed blade damper operable from face of the unit.

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